AU PM PR: Rethinking Leadership

Before anything else, here are some way to help:

  • Donating to help the front line of people containing the fires: link
  • Donating to assist the wildlife: link

I try to avoid Australia politics, but ol’ ScoMo has been on a streak of PR blunders with regard to the bushfires that are wrecking havoc in Australia.

It seems like the issue has been tackled from a political perspective instead of a leadership view point. i.e. a way to angle the situation to the advantage of the party in power as opposed to how can the party in power bring confidence in the leadership at a time of national crisis.

What’s Happened So Far

Here are some head scratching decisions/lack of foresight by the ScoMo and the PR team:

  1. Deciding to go on holidays to Hawaii during the start of the bushfires – Link
  2. Having a donate button on the destination from a Facebook Ad link about the bushfires – Link
  3. Forcing those affected to shake his hand
  1. Finally: this

Lacking Empathy

I feel that the biggest piece that’s missing and so obvious is understanding how people are feeling. Perception is reality when it comes to leadership and examples 1,3 and 4 are perfect examples of this.

  • When the leader whose people are through a crisis, how should they (the leader) respond that shows commitment to overcome the situation and raising the confidence of the people?
  • When meeting those affected, how have hose been affected and what do they want from seeing the leader?
  • If there were no cameras and reporters, what should the leader do and say that will contribute in a positive way?

The Message

A message that changes or re-enforces needs to:

  • Be part emotional and part logical
  • Fit within the world view of the collective conscious of a nation
  • Make a reasonable narrative that can be understood and followed

With the role of a national leader there should be an expectation of the highest level of scrutiny from people. The challenge for a leader is to be as prepared as possible, but BE genuine.

Understanding the desired outcome of the message, should guide the focus of ensuring it is communicated with clarity, minimizing skepticism.

How can ScoMo turn things around? Or is it took late?

Again, here are some way of helping:

  • Donating to help the front line of people containing the fires: link
  • Donating to assist the wildlife: link