Effective Meetings 2: The Re-Meeting

So back in 2018 I wrote about effective meetings here.

This is the long awaited sequel no one was waiting on.

What not to do in meetings:

  1. No consideration of next steps and action items
  2. Use it as an opportunity to outsource thinking
  3. Allow everyone to bring their electronics devices – only those that need to present should be using a device
  4. Recap what was discussed for those who are late
  5. Attend just for the catering to only leave when the meeting starts/resumes
  6. “Think out out” – come prepared with fully formed thoughts
  7. Reschedule a meeting for just one person – unless they are critical to the success of the meeting


Meeting exists because we are not mind readers. They are a costly way to ensure everyone is on the same page. Keep this in mind the opportunity cost of holding a meeting increases quickly with the number of attendees present.

We usually question those who constantly initiate meetings, as we think to ourselves “what do they do all day?”.

What else should be avoided during meetings?