Report Card for my decade younger self

Things you did well and should keep on doing

  1. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and even though it won’t all go your way, there’s nothing to regret.
  2. Staying away from unnecessary drama caused by toxic people and finding people who are weird and wonderfully friendly as you are.
  3. Finding and having creative outlet. Not being afraid of looking stupid or expressing yourself.
  4. Being resilient in the face of personal struggles. You have been surviving relatively unscathed physically and mentally.

Things you didn’t do so well and could improve on

  1. Not having a bajillion superannuation accounts. Roll that up into one dude!
  2. Understanding how to dress, but don’t let it be all consuming for you self conciousness. Like most things, moderation is key.
  3. Stretching + Cardio + Physio = this will make your body feel so much better
  4. Read more, watch less – those youtube videos will not add much value to your life (except for this one … and this one)
  5. Staying in touch with those who are important to you. Just because you aren’t in the same city/country as them, doesn’t excuse you for making an effort.

Things I wish you’d know earlier

  1. Dating is tiring, take nothing for granted. There will be peaks and troughs, but you’ll come out of it knowing yourself better and what you want.
  2. It’s impossible to keep everyone happy. It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.
  3. Understanding personal finance – being poor sucks, becoming financially independent does not.
  4. Time is the most valuable thing you have, guard it diligently from those who seek to take it from you for selfish motivation.

Final Comments


You did a little above mediocre, with significant room for improvement. The irony, that the last sentence sounds like it came out of an Asian parent’s mouth hasn’t escaped me.