(Media) Consumption – Recommendations 1

Some quick  recommendations.


Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark. Get a good laugh and also some pretty amazing insights into culture of different races.


Ping pong carnival. This video has it all. Trick shots, comedy, romance and ball suit.

Good Reads

Homo Deus (by Yuval Noah Harari) – Latin for “Human God”, this book delves into what human beings should strive for now that we have overcome (for the most part) war, famine and disease.

Spotify Music

Playlist: Monster Dance Hits. Some work out music for a run or hitting the gym and getting shredded.


Compressible Packing Cubes. Why I enjoy Kickstarter: the delayed gratification and the need to really think about a purchase before you commit. I’m also a sucker for packing efficiency, especially now that I’ve been travelling more.


And then we held hands. Fun co-op boardgame that emphasises cooperation and understanding, with a interesting theme.