(Media) Consumption – Recommendations 2

Haven’t been very good with posting. So to get back into it, here’s another list of quick recommendations.


Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld performs from the comedy club he started his career. I wasn’t a big Seinfeld fan growing up, but still entertaining to watch this set as well as learning his history.


The Infinite Hotel Paradox. A great visual explanation on the different levels on the concept of ‘infinity’.

Good Reads

Thinking, Fast and Slow. An eye-opening book that discussed how we think and all the biases and traps our mind sets for us. A difficult read, due to such a complicated subject, but totally worth it with the biggest take-away is how to better defend from my own biases.


The Lowe Post – Sam Walker, Wall Street Journal. Zach Lowe is a Basketball Journalist and Reporter. In this episode he interviews Sam Walker the author of ‘The Captain Class’ and talks about his book which delves into the secret sauce behind sports dynasties.

Mobile Game

HAWK: Freedom Squad. *Beware Highly Addictive* A vertically scrolling shooter. Fun, and worth pay a couple of dollars to reduce the amount of grinding. Optimized for addiction with mechanics that makes you want to play more.


My Hero Academia. With the conclusions of Bleach and Naruto in Weekly Shōnen Jump, this Manga has had a meteoric rise in popularity. The premise – children have suddenly started to get super powers (i.e. X-Men) to the point that it’s more unusual that a child doesn’t have any powers. With the explosion of super powers becoming a Super Hero is now a lucrative career. The story follows Deku, born without any powers, who meets the most popular Super Hero, All Might which bestows him of a new power.