Microgame: Coup – Chaos Mode

A subgenre of boardgames is known as a ‘microgame’, these games are quick to play, quick to learn and usually come in relatively small packaging.

Coup which was released in 2012 is a great example of a micro game, involving deception and deduction.

How to play normal coup – Youtube video and explanation

Last week at work we decided to change the rules a bit and to our delight it was equally fun and hilarious, but I would recommend being familiar with the regular version first.

Note: this is for the base game ONLY. Will probably try to with the Expansion – Reformation, and provide a follow up post.

Here’s the alternate rules which I have deemed ‘Chaos mode’.

  • 3-4 Players only
  • Everyone receives 3 cards instead of 2
  • Each person picks up the cards so that the back of the influence cards faces the player i.e. they don’t see which influence cards they have, but everyone else can see their influence cards
  • On a player’s turn they still declare what they do. However if they get challenged, other players verify if the challenge is successful or not (usually challenges are successful, as everyone knows what you have).
  • If a player loses an influence card, they randomly select one of the cards
  • For 3 player games, the game ends when 1 person gets eliminated
  • For 4 player games, the game ends when 2 people get eliminated
  • All other rules are the same

Go forth and enjoy Coup – Chaos Mode!