Marijuana to Maccas, Freelancing Allen Wielders and Facebook taking over the Internet

Marijuana to Maccas

Latest research coming out of the ‘Murica indicate stoners are a new market for traditional greasy fast food joints. Sorry Subway, you’re not popular when people have the munchies.

The report was conducted in states where cannabis is legal, and Maccas have come out on top. I would posit a large factor would the sheer number of McDonald’s restaurant available compared to other fast food chains.

Australian pundits predict increases in Oporto’s consumption from gay couples after getting married.


Freelancing Allen Wielders

The largest sellers of Swedish Meatballs (and furniture) worldwide have acquired Task Rabbit, a startup who have raised approx. $50 million USD over their 9 year life span. Task Rabbit play in the “gig economy” space that bring together freelance workers with people who have a job for them e.g. putting together the all so popular POÄNG chair.

It will be interesting to see how this affects Airtasker locally who have a partnership with Ikea already. But more importantly does this mean Ikea are admitting that their translation free manual are too confusing?

Facebook taking over the Internet

With Facebook vying for more of your attention whilst connected to the interwebs, their next step in turning all humans into phone scrolling automatons is gainful employment.

Facebook is integrating with Zip Recruiter, which aggregates postings from over 100 job sites into one location. Zip Recruiter have also taking over my podcast feed, placing ads in many of my favourites and making me like them a little bit less after hearing the ad each time.

I’m curious how this will compete with LinkedIn. The attitude in the early days of social media/networks seemed to be of keeping work and fun separate. I was much more hesitant adding colleagues to Facebook, as opposed to LinkedIn. However from my experience that hesitation is diminishing and I wonder what the perception will be for new graduates in 5 years time.