Year in Review and New Year Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 Resolutions Results

  1. Able to bench press – SUCCESS!
    • Final result: 2 rep max on the 31/12/2017 @ 100kg on the bench (with a spotter)
    • Thoughts:
      • Taking protein definitely – past attempts in getting to 100kg, I plateaued at around 90kg
      • Final 2 months included 2 international trips which I thought would put my goal at risk, but I did enough hotel gym workouts that I didn’t lose any gains
      • Definitely see an improvement in my physique – yay!
  2. Read 26 books – SUCCESS!
    • Final result: 26 books read which included 3 manga volumes (my only fiction)
    • Thoughts:
      • Final push in December put my over the line with 8 books read
      • This goal made me really into reading and will continue to find new books to read.
      • Enjoyed reading physical books over E-Books or Audiobooks
      • Improved reading speeding
  3. No fast food – FAIL 🙁
    • Final result: Successful for the first 6 months, but had Hungry Jack’s and Oporto’s a couple of times in the second half of the year
    • Thoughts:
      • Availability of food at home really helps
      • Eating due to stress or laziness the most salient temptation
      • Still avoided the “Sinful 3” i.e. Maccas, KFC and Dominoes
  4. Post 52 blog posts – FAIL 🙁
    • Final results: 12 posts out of 52
    • Thoughts:
      • Pretty big fail in my opinion
      • This was very difficult, mainly because of 2 issues
      • The first being “writers block”
      • The second being fearful of writing “useless” content

2018 Resolutions

So I’m going to double or nothing with my failed posts with a minor increase in difficulty plus 2 different goals.

  1. No fast food + soft drink – except what is left in the fridge (because I hate waste)
  2. Post 52 blog posts
  3. Catch up with 18 people who I haven’t seen in over 6 months
  4. 100 consecutive medium grip pull ups


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  1. Bahah, Domino’s is definitely the most sinful (my huge weakness).

    You did pretty well here man!

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