Interesting Reads from Around the Web 1

Modern Day Working: The Maker vs The Manager


About: An insightful article on the dichotomy of working. Those who ‘make’ versus those who ‘manage’, and how scheduling affects both in productivity.

Why you should read this: A better understanding of what kind of work you do, and how to interact with your counterparts.

The Tail End


About: Putting the rest of your life in perspective, less in abstract number, but more in salient events and interactions. E.g. How many winters are left for a 34 year old assuming they’ll live until 90:

Why you should read this: Appreciation of the time we have, and the opportunity cost of wasting it away.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


About: “For lack of a better word” – well here’s a dictionary of that “better word” to describe the obscure feeling or emotion

Why you should read this: You might just find a word that connects you to others who have felt the same thing, but now you’re able to articulate it. Here’s a sneak peak.


Speed Reading – How to Read 300% Faster


About: Some tips and techniques to help you increase your reading speed.

Why you should read this: So you can read this faster.