An Exceptional Leader

What does an exceptional leader mean to me?

An exceptional leader…

  • listens, before speaking.
  • gains trust and earns respect, without demand nor expectation.
  • builds confidence and destroys doubt.
  • knows when to defer and when to take over.
  • is apart of the team, not above it.
  • looks out for the blind spots of their team members.
  • acknowledges their flaws and puts humility before pride and ego.
  • is fanatically intolerant of bullshit and double speak.
  • questions, pokes, prods,challenges and in general unafraid of creating tension.
  • can not please everyone.
  • is highly empathic and can hold many different and opposing perspectives in their mind simultaneously.
  • faces tough conversations and actions with conviction.

This list comes from the exposure I’ve had in classrooms, basketball courts, offices, rehearsals, books, screens, stories and social gathering of friends and family.

A goal of mine is to become an exceptional leader regardless of formal role, relationship or team.

I want to do this in my own terms, cutting through the swamp of bureaucracy and politics (#realtalk). This will be done through finding common ground and nurturing relationships, without taking myself self too seriously, whilst bringing laughter and a sense of joy to those around me.

These are the qualities I strive for, and I appreciate any feedback and assistance I can get.