Div 8 Champions

The semi-finals were a nail biter.

We begin the game down 0-12, with our team giving up some easy points and making some silly turnovers.

I call a time out to centre our-selves.

Stop  their big guy from scoring too close to the basket, collapse the defensive and don’t let their one good shooter have any open looks.

We managed to bring some of the momentum back, increasing the pace of the game,  with me being the play maker and dishing out assists. It was also a great team effort in making key defensive stops.

Eventually, we took the lead and slowly increased it in the final minutes winning 51-43 .

Then came the finals.

Not a pretty game.

I quite honestly choked in the finals. I ate a large bowel of pasta and napped, getting to the game just before the start of game with no warm up. That didn’t help.

I had about 5 turnovers, scored zero points and one tech foul which got me sent off for the last 5 minutes of the game.

All I could do was cheer and give advice from the sideline.

This time the team pulled through without me on the court. They played awesome defence, made some clutch shots and tired our opponents out. We were down a few points when I got sent off, but by the time the final buzzer sounded it was out victory 39-33.

I’m super proud of the team, when I didn’t keep my composure, everyone else did. Everyone stepped up and picked up the slack from my dismal performance. They easily could’ve given up, but we kept fighting which I’m super proud of them for doing.

Awesome work McNuggents (formally Maroon 5). Hope to get another championship next season!