An unconventional way to motivate myself – My 4 Goals for 2017

Just quickly goals need to be SMART:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Action Oriented
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Time based

My 2016 goal was very straight forward and successful:

  • No Maccas (McDonald’s) or KFC for the whole year with no cheat days

New Goals 2017 Edition

Using the SMART goal methodology I’m going to up the ante for this year. The main point of this to develop life long habits (or correct the bad ones). They shouldn’t replace any positive habits or traits I have already.

First I’ll list my goals, I’ll then go into more detail.

This year, I want to focus on the body and mind. In no particular order of priority:

  1. Be able to bench press 100kg
  2. Read 26 books (1/fortnight)
  3. No fast food (except for the 1st of Jan)
  4. Post 52 times (1/week) on this blog

1. Be able to bench press 100kg

  • I did my PB back in 2013 of 95kg, so I’m looking to get to triple digits
  • This will require me working out at least twice a week
  • Will need to research protein options – I’ve never taken protein before (not a real gym bro)
  • A ‘physical health’ goal

2. Read 26 books (1/fortnight)

  • Towards the end of last year I began reading, as a way of trying to improve my reading speed
  • I came to enjoy it, and felt more productive reading vs binge watching videos
  • In the end I read about 7 books in 4 months, so I’m looking to make this a habit
  • 1 book a fortnight seems like a good pace
  • A ‘mental health’ goal

3. No fast food (except for the 1st of Jan)

  • Pretty self explanatory – more difficult version of my 2016 goal
  • My definition of ‘fast food’ – western food chains which I consider generally unhealthy
  • Will precede to pig out of the 1st of January again
  • A ‘physical health’ goal

4. Post 52 times (1/week) on this blog

  • I want to improve my communication and writing is very important for that
  • Will focus on the habit of writing before worrying about quality
  • Also an outlet of creativity and expression
  • A ‘mental health’ goal


For each goal I don’t meet, I’m committing myself to donating $100 to an ‘anti-charity’.

More information can be found here: