Anti Social Media

Anti-social Media

So this was a note I wrote almost a year ago on social media, or should I say anti-social media, which I’d thought I share after I did a bit of a self control exercise. I still need to stop check my phone so much, but I think I’ve gotten better.

Originally posted on 11/02/2013

So for 2 weeks I didn’t check Facebook and Twitter (…much) and I realised one thing.

I think social media, for a large proportion has made people less social in real life. It’s not a perfect substitute, because the interactions are made proxy via the internet, as opposed to direct interactions. People make the choice of using social media as a replacement (instead of a complimentary) for real world socialising, and I feel that’s changed the concept of identity for the worse unfortunately.

We are becoming more self-centered, we want social recognition… more likes, more shares, more favourites, more followers, more retweets, more favourites, more repins, more subscribers, more checkins. Because we want to feel more important, more valued… but is it done to display our value and importance to other people, or is it trying to convince ourselves? A kind of self-affirmation.

Those two weeks have made the feeling of the need to check Facebook or Twitter or Instagram go away. The smartphone has become a safety blanket for many as an excuse to do something else when a social situation that maybe uncomfortable arises. When I’m around others I’m going to try and reduce the number of times I pull out my phone, to show someone a photo on Facebook or make a Tweet. Maybe to take a photo, but I don’t want to end up like one of those people who just has their head down most of the time, looking into mobile device and missing the moments that happen if you just had your head up. I’m going to try and make a greater effort at conversing, to be engaging in the ‘old fashion way’ though real time, real life social interactions.

P.S. Happy new year and hope everyone had a good holiday! <— Obligatory