2019 Year in Review



  • Number of times I played basketball: 47
  • Average daily steps: 9,000
  • No change in body fat % or body weight 😭😭😭


  • Total Spending: approximately $47.5k
  • Distribution of spending:
  • Increase net-worth: 34.5% (2018–>2019)



  • Spotify:
    • Listened to artists from 45 countries
    • Listening time: 17,235 minutes
  • Todoist:
    • 5 tasks/day completed
    • Most tasks accomplished on Mondays


What I learnt

  • Confidence in myself as team contributor – I’ve thought a lot about what leadership means to me this year. What kind of leader I would like to be, and the influence I’d like to have in a team context.
  • The value of attention and being present – I went to eat at a restaurant by myself and didn’t take my phone with me. It was amazing to see how people were glued to their phones whilst in the company of others. It made me realise what a black hole of attention this portable screen can be, and how it takes away from physical relationships with those around you.
  • Empathy is a modern day superpower in the work environment – I truly believe all successful leaders have this in common. The ability to hold two opposing thoughts is actually more difficult to do than I first expected it. Though I didn’t find this difficult myself, I have witness so many stumble in genuinely seeing the merit of an opposing view.

Improvements for 2020

  • More focused and dedicated fitness throughout the week
  • Better eating habits
  • More time outdoors
  • Showing greater appreciation for those around me and reconnecting with people
  • More hustle to accelerate my career growth