(Media) Consumption – Recommendations 6

Happy 2020! Here is some content I’d like to share which hopefully has some educational value, along with some entertainment.


The Tesla Valve

No, nothing related to the car brand, but still a very interesting explanation and demonstration of what this is and its application in the practical world.


Password Security Online

Every month we hear about a company who’s had their passwords stolen. So what does that mean, and what is considered best practice for password storage security? The video explains the technology and method in a practical way with very little technical jargon.



Dance is awesome, and awesome things are more awesome when it’s done collaboratively. This is a great list of awesome dance performances.



Very relatable comedy set by Ronnie Chieng about modern American life from the lens of a Chinese immigrant. I watched this with my partner over some Korean Fried Chicken and it got us in stitches.


This episode of Acquired talks through the history of WeWork and provides intriguing insight in why it is where it is now from a $40+ billion valuation to being acquired by Softbank for $7 billion. Some great lessons in venture capital and exist strategies for startups.

Free Online Course on AI

Link: https://www.elementsofai.com

This course teaches you the foundations of AI in an easy to understand format, with well through out modules.

It will take approximate 60hours to complete and again, it’s FREE. If you happen to be studying in Finland it will also count to actually course credits.


Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

Some key takeaways:

  1. The wealth of information has lead to a poverty of attention
  2. Ego-depletion theory is self-fulfilling and linked to self-defeating thoughts. Instead, practicing self compassion allows yourself to be more resilient.
  3. Time management is pain management – distraction is just another way our brains attempt to deal with pain
  4. Understanding when asynchronous vs synchronous communication is needed
  5. Set a schedule for checking notifications instead of being beholden to every buzz on your phone