CES 2020 – Highlights

The Internal Consumer Electronics Show is happening right now. Here are some highlights from around the web that have caught my eye.

OnePlus: Concept One

Electrochromic glass used to hide and show Oneplus’s phone camera lens:

Camera lens hidden
Source: Article 1
Camera lens showing
Source: Article 1

How it works

There are two layers of glass with two more conductive layers between them and the actual electrochromic layer in the middle. You run a charge through the conductive layers and it changes the opacity.

* See Article 2


This electrochromic technology is already used in the car industry with OnePlus partnering up with McLaren. I can see this being used for other device camera lenses as a security feature to prevent Big Brother from constantly watching us.

Samsung: SelfieType

An invisible keyboard! Using the phone’s camera and AI, Samsung has devised a way of typing on any flat surface.

Image recognition technology is super fascinating and is part of the growing field of augmented reality.

We see this tech being used in Instagram and Snapchat with the camera as the input to generated altered outputs, such as face-swaps and random Disney character generators.

Razer: Kishi

With the rise of Mobile Gaming (more on this later), hardware peripherals are being released to accommodate the more hardcore audience. The Razer Kishi is a perfect example of this winning the Best Gaming Product award this year.

Source: Article 5

If I was still a console gamer, I’d be throwing money at this awesome piece of tech. Razer hasn’t lost its premium gamer tech market dominance as it continues to demonstrate their innovation in product, turning your phone into a Nintendo Switch.