China 2020: Year of the Rat – What I Found Strange

Final post about my experience in China, the other two were:


Right after being back from Shanghai, China there were a few things I found myself needing to readjust to:

  • Driving on the left side of the road again
  • Being able to clearly read and understand everything and everyone (I’m shamefully illiterate in my native language)
  • Seeing the faces of strangers i.e. not covered by a face mask
  • Seeing a crowd in public – which is something you’d usually associate with China
  • Using a computer / typing after not doing so for 2 weeks
  • Not requiring as many items of clothing when leaving home:
    • Thermal pants
    • Multiple layers of tops
    • Scarf
    • Gloves
    • Face mask


There were also a couple of random odd things I noticed:

  • To own an Electric Vehicle (EV) you have to own a permanent parking space
  • Residential parking is a bit of shitshow, as most complexes were built prior the boom in car ownership. A common solution has been to change residential roads from two way to one way, in order to free up space for more parking spots.
  • The Chinese Media – mostly period dramas, sport and news. There was a distinct lack of sci-fi/fantasy/reality tv/comedy
  • The smartphone/tablet is a common pacifier for children, which I found a little unhealthy. It was common to see both parents and children at a restaurant on a device doing their own thing.