Get off your phone!

Mobile Phones can be very distracting, and I’m trying to make a change to be more productive and improve the quality of my social interactions. So here’s my plan and thoughts in going forward:

  1. I got a smart watch to reduce the times I need to pull out my phone to check the time and notifications. Though I’m not 100% satisfied with the smart watch itself, it’s an incremental improvement.
  2. When eating with someone else, I’m trying to keep my phone away from the table if possible. Otherwise, face down and avoid looking at it.
  3. Removing distracting apps from my phone:
    1. Deleted the Facebook app and logged out of Facebook from my mobile browser
    2. Deleted Snapchat
    3. Turned off notifications for Twitter
    4. Will be reviewing notifications of other apps in the next week
  4. Talk to people instead of looking down at my phone to escape situations of social interaction. We do this because it’s easy, but how are we going to improve our conversational skills if all we do is run away from uncomfortable situations? Time to face them head on.
  5. Getting into the habit of adding thoughts and tasks using my task management tool (Todoist) on my phone

How will you take control of technology instead of letting it control you?

Comments / Feedback / Suggestions always welcome.