The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance

Oxford dictionary

To me, it means a few things…

It takes a great deal of self awareness, to understand holistically one’s actual importance (not so much low importance) in any given context.

You need to keep your ego in check, whilst staying confidant.

There’s a level of vulnerability that may feel uncomfortable which is displayed.

Not taking yourself too seriously… being able to make fun of yourself.

Being authentic, without arrogance.

Genuine delight in recognising the contribution of others over yourself.

Usually developed from humbling experiences of failure, rejection, pain and uncertainty.

Generous with time and advice.

Rapped about by Kendrick Lamar

When done right

Leads to deep relationships.

Inspires confidence in others.

Results in loyalty and respect, without fear.

Creates a sense of community.

It does not mean

Allowing others to treat you like a doormat.

Low self esteem or self regard.

Acknowledging where you are in a hierarchy relative to those in greater positions of power.

Disregard for self preservation.