Worth a Read 13/01/2020: Burger King the new Apple, The Gaming Black Market, Rising Chocolate Prices and More!

How to Become a Successful Founder in 2020

  • An investment fund did research into the question of what traits do you need to succeed as a founder?
  • The Answer? Being a great story teller, but being too good may become a detriment

Predator Marketing: Burger King

  • A great example of predatory marketing, where the challenger brand pokes fun of the market leader. The Mac vs PC ads were a masterpiece in this:

Money Launderers using Fortnight

  • It’s fascinating how quickly a black market can form through the identification of assets that have liquidity i.e. easy to buy into and sell out of
  • This article was written at the start of 2019, but Fortnight has yet to address this publicly

The Matthew Effect

Cocao Cartel

  • Chocolate lovers beware, your favourite consumable might become a little more expensive
  • The two nations that produce more than 60% of the world’s cocoa has formed an alliance