Nurses are Amazing

Their role and responsibility in society requires them to be selfless.

They not only have to deal with patients, but their families as well.

They are always in an environment of high stress, as the people (patients) there are at their lowest points in life. Very few people look forward to being at a hospital.

They serve doctors, who in general have a larger ego and self importance, who also receive the majority of the recognition.

They have the responsibility of people’s lives.

They work crazy and hours, resulting a difficult life where it’s almost impossible to have a routine.

When they clock off, those around nurses (family and friends) expect them to step up and take care of them when a health related issue arises.

Then they also need to face the same challenges of life like everyone else. Family, friends, careers, children, debt.

My partner is a nurse, and I respect what she does and the person that it has made her so much. If I could make 10% the positive impact she does to people’s lives I would happy.

Nurses are truly selfless human beings, I don’t think I could ever survive what she goes through on a day to day basis.