Singapore – Hawker Market Food

Singapore is known for their vibrant Hawker Food culture. Hawker Markets are street food style open-air complexes with permanent stalls, which usually specialise in one type of dish. So we went around trying the highly recommended places and here’s summary of dishes that went in our bellies.

Big shout out  and thanks to all the people (Christina, Stephen, Jason, Rebecca, Alwin, Maryel) who took us around and met up with for a meal (or two or three).

Chinatown Complex

Location: Google Maps – Close to Chinatown MRT Station

  • Soy Sauce Chicken –  Hawker Chan. Super cheap, but always long lines during busy periods. There another across the road, but almost double the price, for less waiting and it’s own restaurant.
  • Dumplings and Dan Dan Noodles – Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Cheapest Xiao Long Bao I could find and equally tastey as Din Tai Fung.


Location: Google Maps – Also Close to a Chinatown MRT Station

  • Chicken Rice – Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. The chicken was amazingly tender and the chicken rice was very flavourful but it seems a little over priced according to locals. “You can’t really taste the difference between good and great chicken rice.” We tried another Chicken Rice place and couldn’t tell the difference, besides one being boneless and the other not.

Albert Hawker Centre

Location: Google Maps – Close to Bugis MRT Station

  • Congee – Had the “Popcorn Chicken Congee” which was quite tastey. All congee dishes came with a fried bread stick aka. You Tiao
  • Satay Sticks – These usually are charged “per stick” with a minimum order of 10. Usually found in the Halal section of Hawker Centres
  • BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup – Forgot the Stall Name 😅. A favourite of mine Sydney, so I wanted to compare it here. Verdict: 1/3rd the price. 2/3rds the quantity. A little more tastey. #worthit

Lau Pa Sat

Location: Google Maps – Close to Downtown / Telok Ayer/ Raffles Place MRT Stations

  • Buk Ku Teh – The stall we ate at was simply known as Bak Kut Teh. I’m no Herbal Soup Expert, but I enjoyed the traditional pork rib soup. Adds great flavour if you pour some over your rice.
  • Satay Sticks – Went to Stall 7/8 which has had a great deal of media attention. Compared the the one’s in Albert St, the only difference is the peanut sauce (which was better here), though they also offered Prawn skewer which I didn’t try. Also, I didn’t enjoy the touting that was going on.

Old Airport Road

Location: Google Maps – Close to Dakota / Mountbatten MRT Stations

  • Char Kway Tweow – The place we wanted to try (Lucky Char Kuey Tiao) moved, so we had Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow instead. It did not disappoint, we had both the black and white versions of the fried flat rice noodles, both of which were awesome.