2020 Goals Update – 16/02/2020

On this day 600 AD: Pope Gregory the Great decrees saying “God bless You” is the correct response to a sneeze

1. Healthy:
    1.1. Diet – No sweet drinks for the entire year
Mostly good – had one sweet alcoholic drink, and a Milk Tea in Shanghai (travel exemption)
    1.2. Diet – No fast food
Mostly good – even when in Shanghai, though I did have a KFC there once
   1.3. Body – At least one physical exercise each day
Stretching has made noticeable improvements in my flexibility. But incorporating more calisthenics now e.g. pushups, pullups and situps.

2. Wealthy:
    2.1. Money – Spend less money eating out
Most dinners are still home made. Need to think how I can reduce the number of times I eat out for lunch though.
    2.2. Attention – Reduce the number of times the phone is checked
Improving on this, as I’ve tried to leave my phone at home/in the car when it’s not essential. Reading “Digital Minimalism” also helped with some tactics and strategies.
    2.3. Relationships – High quality interactions
Need to keep this up, but I’m changing this to just higher quality interactions with people I want to stay connected with.

3. Wise:
    3.1. Take in knowledge – Read 60 books
On track, finished 8 books so far
    3.2. Share what I know – Write every day
A little behind, I will still try to write every day, but I might not publish so frequently. So far 24 published posts.

Overall Self Grading: B