Interesting Reads from Around the Web 3

My list of recommended readings list has ballooned since last time. So here’s a quick list of worthwhile readings.

Innovation Capital

Link: Lessons From Tesla’s Approach to Innovation

About: After just recently finishing the Prosperity Paradox, I really appreciated this read. With Tesla’s two pronged attack of Innovation Capital which attracts support and Big Bets which focuses on unblocking bottlenecks (see: theory of constraints), just another reason why I’m excited for this company.

When Ridiculous Wasn’t Ridiculous Enough

Link: When A Man Took and Joke in A Pepsi Ad Seriously, Chaos Ensued

About: Pepsi ran a promotion where you could redeem points for prizes. The top prize was meant to be a joke, which was a fighter jet. Except someone forgot to check the numbers in terms of points conversion to actual value. There’s a lesson in a distinct lack of understanding of scale for within humans when it comes to large numbers.

Parkinson’s Law

Link: Why You Never Have Time

About: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. You would think that technology would make us more efficient, but we are creatures that are always striving for more. Great read in understanding the modern workplace a littler better.


Link: Bam Adebayo is the fiercest, best NBA player you don’t know

About: A young man who’s come from humble beginnings, who has a beautiful relationship with his mum. A competitor with a unique blend of supreme self confidence and drive, mixed with humility that keeps him grounded. This article made me a fan. My favourite quote:

“I play basketball, hang out with my mom, and take s—-.”

Google, Siri, Alexa and Cortana Walk Into a Bar

Link: When Speakers Are All Ears

About: It sounds like a start of a joke. 10 Years ago, people would have no idea what these names have in common. So how well are these voice assistants at keeping False Positive activation low? Everything you wanted to know about their accuracy in listening to you.