An Interesting Occupation

Imagine doing a job, where you could prepare all you want, but when it came to the execution, you are required to be perfect. But only if you chose to complete the job. You’re able to quit at any time, and it won’t count towards your record. Only the number of completed attempts matter, but it was literally do or die.

That’s what free soloing is. Climbing up a wall, with no safety net. You fall, you die. The elite either live to tell their own story or have their story told by their peers, because of a single mistake made.

Free Solo was a captivating watch. Alex “Spock” Honnold has a very interesting perspective on the value of life. Watching this made me realise that I’m drawn into people who’s perspective I understand, but cannot fathom how they reached the perspective.

High recommended for anyone interested in:

  • Rock climbing
  • Getting to know the equivalent of a real life Star Trek character
  • Great human physical achievements
  • Unicorns

If there was a way to reduce the free soloing so that a person is not guaranteed death on a mistake i.e. a set of drones that catch your fall, I wonder if that changes the activity. Is it even the same activity?

In which situations does having the mentality of a free soloist will be beneficial in a business setting? I’m sure there will be situations where it may be detrimental.