(Media) Consumption – Recommendations 7: Youtube Edition

Google’s Superbowl Ad for 2019

Heartwrenching ad which is effective on an emotional level and at the same time a great demonstration of the product.

More than just Paper Planes

I had no idea how origami could get so complicated and intricate. This is one of those instances of going from the unknown unknowns of ability to the known unknown.

I think I’m happy to stick to my paper planes though.

Best Internet Product of the World

So I wrote a little piece after watching Free Solo. Post viewing, I went down a rabbit hole of understanding more about the events of the documentary. One in particular…

***Warning Spoilers Below***

So in Alex’s historical ascent, he passes some people staying overnight in a portaledge (a deployable hanging tent system designed for rock climbers). One of these people was wearing a unicorn onesie.

From there I discovered who exactly this person was and the reason for him wearing the onesie was the inspiration of this video:

***End of Spoilers***

Obligatory Dance Video

Yep, here it is.

This video is a perfect example of why I enjoy dance:

  1. The musicality of movement to the sound can be so graceful yet powerful
  2. There is so much room to express your style and creativity, whilst doing the same choreography as others
  3. Less can be more – see the 30 second mark, where the silence and holding a beat of stillness can be so impactful

Low Tech Hacking Google Maps

An artist managed to create fake traffic on Google Maps by putting 99 smartphone with Google Maps on into a red wagon and wheeling it around Berlin.

Part of this performance art is the demonstration of how technology can be exploited.